6+ Million Cumulative Views (Original Title)

ONCE Telefilm has been a hit Bangla Natok/Drama that gained fame almost instantaneously at release and its popularity continues to grow to this day.

Story of Once

ONCE is a story of self-denial, arrogance and perceived indestructible nature of some who play immature games of flirting and toy with love and affection of others, hurting moral innocence and trust.

When realisation hits home it is almost always when it becomes apparent that there is something to lose. Something that changed the person in the process. Something that often termed as 'a deep sense of love'. Difficult to fully describe as it is as unique as each and every one of us. It's genuine - this time it is!  But the past hits back strongly, and one wishes to undo the wrongs.

The story begs the question, when is it not too late to turn back and put things right? Or is it too late and never can be healed.

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Preface to the title

ONCE has been a hit film that gained fame almost instantaneously at release and its popularity continues to grow to this day. It received a view count of 3.2+ MILLION in our partner channel alone before it was premiered in its permanent YouTube home: Jafreen Studio, in January 2019. Current combined view count at time of writing this text exceeds 7.3 Million not including the TV broadcast views, which may have been just as much.

I hope it continues to entertain millions more, and thank you all for showing such love for our work, it encourages my team to put in more and personally encourages me to write and produce more."

— Jafreen, January 11, 2019, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London.



Screenshot of ONCE in former channel at 3.2 MILLION+

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