Rajkumar I – Dreamer

Rajkumar I – Dreamer

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An unpretentious rural wannabe finds himself in the midst of a large city chasing his dreams and navigates through the unknown territory of the world of cinema. Join him in his journey of perseverance, romance and watch the story unfold with twists and turns!

Story of Rajkumar I – Dreamer

RAJKUMAR — encapsulates a story of passion, perseverance and integrity. It chronicles the adventurous journey of a humble young man who ventures into an unknown world of cinema following his dreams suddenly realising his dreamworld is more complicated than what he has envisioned as a young man growing up in a rural area. 

Join him as he makes the journey from a simple life to a megacity life chasing his dreams, navigating through the unknown territory of the world of cinema. It's a journey that many can relate to, a journey of perseverance, romance, hardships and many lessons of life with many unexpected twists and turns as the story unfolds!

A passionate story telling and articulation by Jafreen Sadia and beautifully coordinated by director Rubel Hasan while cinematographer Kamrul Islam Shuvo brought it to life with his motion skills. 

The lead characters Ziaul Faruque Apurba, Sabila Nur, Shaju Khadem, Pial and others played their character roles flawlessly, at times going beyond their comfort zones in bringing the theme to light. If followed carefully, each and every member of the cast and crew has given their best in making this film, and it shows in the final outcome.

The sound works, the colour works are all done in a brilliant way given the short timescale in which it was produced. The songwriter, singer, composer all worked enthusiastically to put a stamp of their creativity in this film.

The vital work of every member of the behind scenes crew aka the production crew who worked tirelessly making sure everything was running smoothly behind the scenes - which ensured the work of the entire force could go on in bringing this title to success!

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