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Shikarokti means Confession — A Breath-taking Romantic Action Thriller film dedicated to and marking the International Women's Day. Starring the award-winning Zakia Bari Momo and Shipan Mitra!

Story of Shikarokti

SHIKAROKTI meaning 'The Confession' is a special film dedicated to women.

Its genre can broadly be categorised as Romantic Action Thriller Drama Film. It was made for and originally broadcast on International Women's Day.

Starring the multi-talented award winning Zakia Bari Mamo & Shipan Mitra, the film celebrates the International Women's Day and hopes to stir awareness of the multifaceted struggle faced by so many women regardless of their backgrounds, nationalities or ethnicities.

SHIKAROKTI - Zakia Bari Mamo, Shipon Mitra, Jafreen Sadia Drama Film Natok
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Preface to the title

March 8, World Women's Day Greetings to all!

Just as men play multi-purpose roles in society, women too play their parts in all aspects of our existence. Due to the nature of societal evolution women sometimes find themselves at a disadvantaged position despite their vital roles as sometimes mothers, sometimes sisters, sometimes lovers, sometimes wives. So, it is the responsibility of all of us together to promote respect and create a safe environment for every woman.

It is the duty of the country and the nation to protect their citizens who show courage by exposing and protesting violence and discrimination towards women.

"SHIKAROKTI — The Confession" is our way of trying to convey a possible scenario, a moment in time, with a positive outcome despite girls facing adversities due to their position in society and a lack of awareness and more importantly a lack of a systematic support network, that is more common in every corner of the world than we would like to think so otherwise.

Our effort in this film is to depict a story of such a brave woman, who stands against violence and crime and by pure chance averts the troubles that she gets herself into when trying to do the right thing.

The title's theme is presented as a work of fiction in an entertaining but meaningful way.

I hope you all like it.

— Jafreen Sadia.

SHIKAROKTI - Zakia Bari Mamo, Shipon Mitra, Jafreen Sadia Drama Film Natok
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